Ibiza Swim – swimming lessons for children, babies and adults at your home in Ibiza.

Baby Swim

Trust Ibiza Swim to create a supportive, engaging and enjoyable experience for you and your baby in the water. We’ll be in the water with you, showing you how to give your baby the best possible introduction to the water, providing a foundation for developing a lifelong love of the water. Classes emphasise the multi-sensory experience of the water, positive emotions and pleasurable sensations while promoting safe practices.

We use a featherlight touch to gently support baby in the water while allowing freedom. As they grow in confidence the support needed becomes less and less. As parents you will learn more to trust your own instincts, you know your baby best, we are there to facilitate that learning and development.

To participate in parent and baby swim classes is one of the most beautiful journeys any parent can take with baby. As well as learning to love the water, and be safe in it, our baby swim classes provide a lovely and unique bonding experience for you and your baby. To bring your baby to water is very natural and familiar as your baby has been suspended in fluid for their first nine months so the water provides an environment of familiarity and freedom.

Safety is a key aspect of classes from the start. The water is always approached calmly, quietly and safely. Babies are gently taught and encouraged to be comfortable floating on their backs – an essential lifesaving skill.

All methods are gentle and holistic, we do not do involuntary submersions.

Classes can be done in a group or one to one, with both or one parent.

Child Swim

Children’s swimming lessons with Ibiza Swim are fun with a focus on safety. How we experience the water as a child affects our life long relationship with the water. We want that experience to be the best possible and for your children to grow up loving the water and to be safe in and around it. We love the water and we love teaching and this shines though in our lessons. Our swimming lessons for kids are innovative and engaging.

We want children to look forward to their swimming lessons with us, to improve in them, to love the water and be safe in it. While it’s impossible to say how quickly your child will learn, we guarantee that in every lesson with us they will progress.

The beauty of private lessons is that we can tailor our teaching to suit your child’s individual learning needs, working at their pace and in their zones of comfort – encouraging and supporting those who are shy of the water and quickly teaching water safety to those who show no fear.

Initially swim skills are developed through play and we teach from the start, and throughout, about water safety. For children who are starting to learn strokes the focus is on fundamentals and good technique while continuing to enjoy the experience of being in the water.

If you’re here on holiday and your child already attends swimming lessons please do let us know what they are working on so we can continue to compliment their learning.

Please note that a parent or guardian must be present for children’s swimming lessons.

Adult swimming Ibiza

Adult Swim

Looking for adult swimming lessons in Ibiza? Whatever your level it is never to late to learn, or improve! If you are learning to swim, looking to build your confidence in the water or want to overcome a fear we’ll be right by your side, working at your pace in a calm and relaxed environment. If you can swim but would like to improve your technique, master front crawl breathing, learn a new stroke, or perhaps how to dive or turn we can work with you.

Our instructors will be in the water demonstrating and teaching the correct technique and underwater checking that you’re doing it correctly. Swimming with the correct technique will transform your experience in the water – it makes swimming easier and much more enjoyable!

Our experienced, friendly and supportive instructors will equip you with the skills you need to swim. We can explain the laws of physics along with the mechanics of swimming so that you understand how we are both supported by and move in the water, making sure that you feel in control.

Let us know what it is you want to improve and we’ll work with you to get you there.


Turn the swim section of your triathlon around with expert triathlon specific swim tuition and training. Ruth has a proven track record working with triathletes of all levels, improving swim technique resulting in substantially reduced swim times and reduced pain/anxiety/stress about the swim section of the triathlon. She works in the water with you, analysing your stroke from all angles and uses relevant drills to correct and perfect.

She works in the water with you, analysing your stroke from all angles and uses relevant drills to correct and perfect. Her goals are to get you swimming faster with improved efficiency, ease and a beautiful stroke.

Sessions can be done in your pool and/or in open water (with or without wetsuits). Her preference is to work on technique in a pool, and once technique is efficient move to the sea for working on maintaining technique over distance, developing stamina and essential sighting skills (as well as enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean Sea).

Open Water swimming Ibiza

Open Water

One of the best things about Ibiza are the many stunning open water swims we can do. We offer private open water swim training and private accompanied open water swims in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea. If you would like to improve your confidence and experience in open water (it’s very different to swimming in a pool) or are looking to train it would be a pleasure to share our favourite swims with you.

The Med provides a pretty safe open water swim environment. Things we have to be aware of are the few places there are strong currents (we avoid them), sometimes jellyfish (if the situation is really bad we will either re-schedule or refund the swim) and, sadly, boating traffic (be warned we’ll make you wear a bright coloured swim hat for visibility!!). We plan all our open water swims with safety considerations as top priority.

For all open water swims you need to be able to swim a minimum of 1000m (40 lengths of a 25m pool) continuously in order to come out with us.

Competition swimming Ibiza


We love competing and we love swim training! Take your next race to the next level with one on one coaching. Ruth can work with you to identify the big wins that will make a substantial difference to you race. It could be faster starts, more streamlined, faster turns, a change to your regular training programme, honing technique, developing sighting in open water, sprint training for a fast triathlon or open water start, introducing some cross training or something else entirely!

An ex-competitive swimmer throughout childhood, as an adult Ruth has coached and competed giving her competitive experience both in and out of the water, working with both children and adults.

Do get in touch for an chat about your goals and needs and lets work to beat your personal best in your next race, we swim to win!

Aqua Fit

Ibiza Swim’s aqua fit sessions are a great way to keep a cool exercise regime in the hot summer months and there are many benefits of a water based work out. We work the whole body in our aqua fit sessions, strengthening your muscles, including working the core, while improving your cardiovascular fitness. If you’re looking to diversify

your training aqua fit is an excellent cross training option. You might just be surprised at how hard you can work out in the water – aqua fit classes are not just for seniors!

Aqua fit is ideal for anyone with restricted mobility or recovering from an injury as water naturally provides support, removing any stress on joints.

All sessions are tailored to your individual needs and fitness goals.

Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga adapts classic yoga postures to the aquatic environment, combining water fitness, wellbeing and relaxation while maintaining the focus on the breath. The water provides a supportive and soothing medium and a pleasant alternative to land based yoga. In the water you have the freedom to move, not grounded to the floor with gravity.

In this environment sometimes movements that may be difficult in land based yoga will be easier in the water.

Your experience of yoga or of swimming does not matter, we use supports and aids in the water so whether you´re water confident or not, your confidence will grow.

Aqua Yoga can be particularly beneficial for anyone with joint problems, pre and post-natal women, recovering from an injury or surgery, those with high blood pressure and anyone with restricted movement on land.

In general aqua yoga classes contain an aerobic section, a fluid movement section and a relaxation, always working with your own body, listening to it and being in tune with you. For more intensive workouts inversions and deep water work really challenge the body and tone muscle. Aqua yoga classes are tailored to suit you, your abilities and objectives.

Aqua Yoga are open to everyone and everyone can benefit from them. They can be particularly beneficial for anyone with joint problems, pre and post-natal women, recovering from an injury or surgery, those with high blood pressure and anyone with restricted movement on land.

Personal training Ibiza

Personal Training

We also offer land based personal training sessions in Ibiza. Ruth is a UK REPs certified and insured Advanced Fitness Instructor. Clients praise her motivational attitude and enthusiasm, her breadth of knowledge and experience enables her to adapt to a wide variety of client needs and goals. Her areas of expertise include:

Circuits for full body strength and cardio sessions tailored to suit all fitness levels.
Core Strength for reduced risk of injury, improved posture and to ease lower back pain.
HITT High Intensity Interval Training for the already fit, intense workouts for fast results.
Nutrition designing personalised plans for optimum, vibrant health, weight loss and management, emphasising clean eating, creating a healthy, sustainable diet, developing good eating habits and plant based nutrition.
Pre and post natal exercise and nutrition.
Strength training to build muscle and strengthen bones, burn fat and change body composition.
Swim training, technique and coaching for both competition and general fitness, triathlete specific and open water.
TRX suspension training full body functional cardio, core and strength training suitable for all.

Expect to feel worked, invigorated and inspired to do more!

Synchro swimming Ibiza

Synchronised Swimming

Synchronised swimming is a fun and very physically challenging sport requiring strength, flexibility and co-ordination as well as grace and elegance in the water. Ibiza Swim offers synchronised swimming as a group activity for parties and play dates and well as lessons for individuals who wish to learn or improve the beautiful skill of water ballet.

Our group synchro sessions are the perfect activity for play dates and parties – our sessions are usually between two to three hours (depending the age of the children). The first part is focused on teaching and practicing some of the fundamentals of synchro – treading water and sculling – and basic movements like oyster, boost and waterwheel. The second part of the session puts the movements together in a simple routine to music and the routine is practiced over and over. Then, in preparation for the finale, glitter and water make up will be applied and hair done – the session will end with a performance.

For private lessons we can teach or improve your synchronised swim skills and your aquatic fitness levels. It can also help to improve your water confidence while learning beautiful movements and skills.

Our synchro sessions are a really fun and lovely way for children and adults to engage with the water in a different and active way and to learn some new skills.

No prior knowledge or practice of synchro is needed but everyone must be able to swim!

Freedive Ibiza


Free diving is an incredible way to experience the water. To free dive safely and successfully you need to be fully present and in tune with your mind and body, above all you must be relaxed. Relaxation is fundamental to free diving and it’s this aspect of free diving that you might like to try to improve your experience of swimming and other aquatic activities.

The relaxation techniques used in free diving are beneficial;

to calm the nervous system before an open water or triathlon start
improve your ease and comfort in the water
to encourage relaxation under the water
to be more comfortable and confident under the water

To freedive, at the moment, you must be 18 or over (or with parental consent at 16).

For those under 16 AIDA is due to release their Youth Education Programme by the end of May 2019.

The Youth Program offers three course levels for children ages 6 to 11: Bronze, Silver and Gold Dolphin, and one level for adolescents ages 12 to 15 – AIDA Junior. Students can be certified at any level as long as they meet age and skill requirements.

There are no performance requirements because non-competitiveness is the foundation of AIDA Youth Education. The concept of breath holding is not taught to youth, nor do we discuss freediving – the courses teach ‘water safety skills’ with the emphasis is on developing confidence and competence in the water. A part of each course slide set is dedicated to parental knowledge and the core of it is supervision of children in the water.

Lifesaving Ibiza


Learning life saving techniques is a great way for both children and adults to learn new skills that could save a life.

It is a sobering thought that around 400 people die as a result of drowning every year in the UK, and that drowning is a leading cause of death in children in the UK.

We plan to have a lifesaving programme running for both children and adults in 2020 – please register your interest with us hola@ibizaswim.com and we will keep you posted.

waterpolo Ibiza


If you’re looking for a fun, healthy and fitness based group activity for your family and friends, a children’s party or play date then water polo is a great option! We usually do these sessions for two hours. The first part of the session we teach the rules of the game and work on essential skills such as sprint starts, treading water, ball handling and marking.

Then the second part of the session we have a mini-tournament – putting those skills to the test!

We’ll bring the goals and the balls, all you need is a group who are water confident and a pool reasonably big enough!!

Sea snorkeling Ibiza


Snorkeling is one of the most beautiful ways we can enjoy the aquatic environment and the pool provides a perfect and safe learning environment for it, preparing you for snorkeling in the sea. During our snorkel sessions in the pool we teach:

How to defog the mask and put it on correctly
how to put on and use the fins
how to clear the water from the snorkel and carry on snorkeling
the different underwater hand signals
equalising pressure in the ears while underwater
snorkeling with a buddy and being safe in open waterWe then build confidence and snorkeling skills through fun underwater activities like diving for sinkers and relay races.

Our snorkel sessions are open to children and adults who can swim.

Snorkeling can help improve overall water confidence and enjoyment of the water, it can be especially beneficial for those who can swim but are nervous to go under the water.

For reasons of hygiene and for best fit of equipment we ask that you provide all your own snorkel equipment. If you are on holiday and not bringing it with you you can purchase from Decathlon.

Surfing Ibiza


Swimming in open water is a totally different experience to swimming in a swimming pool. If your experience of swimming in the ocean or sea is limited and especially if you are new to surfing then your whole surf experience will benefit from swimming in open water, not to mention your safety.

If you are not a strong enough swimmer or you are prone to panic in open water the prospect of a swim in to shore if your board or leash breaks can be pretty daunting and physically challenging to downright dangerous. You have a responsibility to both yourself and the surfers around you to make sure you are strong enough swimmer to swim to shore in whatever conditions you’re surfing and also to be calm and confident swimming in open water. Do to this you need to have both the technical skills as a swimmer for this and also an ease in open water that only comes from swimming in it!!

Get in touch for more information or to book some open water swim sessions with us in Ibiza in the summer or worldwide wherever we are surfing in the winter months.


Ruth Osborn

Founder – Swim, Freedive and Fitness Instructor

Ruth was inspired to set up Ibiza Swim during a yoga holiday to Ibiza in 2006. Following a dream of working in the water and living in the sun she moved to Ibiza 2007 and launched Ibiza Swim.

Over the years she has built a sterling reputation as an excellent swim instructor and trainer on the island.

She takes great pleasure in seeing enjoyment and progress and in perfecting stroke techniques. A competitive swimmer since childhood, she trained with the Ibiza Masters swim team for a few seasons, has held Balearic records for 50 breaststroke, 400 IM and still holds the 200 breaststroke record. In the 2011 Masters Campeonato de España she received gold for 200 breaststroke and bronze for 400 IM, only just missing medals in the 50 and 100 breaststroke. Overall she has ranked in the top ten in Spanish Masters in her age category. She also competes in open water events of 2km, 3km, 4km and 7km in Ibiza and has been on the podium for most of them.

She is a fully qualified and insured UK Amateur Swimming Association swim instructor and holds the Royal Lifesaving Society National Rescue Test Certificate for Teachers and Coaches as well as a current HSE approved certificate in First Aid. For two seasons (2009-2011) she coached the Ibiza Masters swim team and San Antonio’s children’s swim team Club Natacio Portus. Continuing her love of the water, Ruth certified as an AIDA Freedive Instructor in 2018 and hopes to become one of the first AIDA youth programme certified instructors when the programme is launched. Since 2011 she spends winter travelling and surfing and has spent time in Morocco, Portugal, Tenerife, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Bali and more recently Mexico returning to Ibiza for the summer.

Ruth is also European Register of Exercise Professionals registered and insured personal trainer with a UK REPs Level 3 qualified Advanced Fitness Instructor with a CYQ Level 3 certificate in Nutrition and Weight Management and an Active IQ certification in Pre and Postnatal Exercise and Nutrition. Since qualifying she has had work with The Healthy Holiday Company, has been privileged to be part of In:Spa ‘s team of prestigious trainers and also works with Ibiza Personal Trainer.