Ibiza Swim provides swimming lessons for children and adults at your villa in Ibiza.

We love the water and want everyone to be safe and happy by and in it.

Child Swim

Children’s swimming lessons with Ibiza Swim are fun with a focus on safety. How we experience the water as a child affects our life long relationship with the water.

Adult swimming Ibiza

Adult Swim

Looking for adult swimming lessons in Ibiza? Whatever your level it is never to late to learn, or improve! If you are learning to swim, looking to build your confidence in the water or want to overcome a fear…


Aqua Fit

Ibiza Swim’s aqua fit sessions are a great way to keep a cool exercise regime in the hot summer months and there are many benefits of a water based work out. We work the whole body in our …


Turn the swim section of your triathlon around with expert triathlon specific swim tuition and training. Ruth has a proven track record working with triathletes of all levels…

Open Water swimming Ibiza

Open Water

One of the best things about Ibiza are the many stunning open water swims we can do. We offer private open water swim training and private accompanied open water swims…

Competition swimming Ibiza


We love competing and we love swim training! Take your next race to the next level with one on one coaching. Ruth can work with you to identify the big wins that will make a substantial difference…


Ruth Osborn

Founder, Teacher & Coach

Ruth was inspired to set up Ibiza Swim during a yoga holiday to Ibiza in 2006. Following a dream of working in the water and living in the sun she moved to Ibiza in 2007 and Ibiza Swim was launched.

Over the years she has built a sterling reputation as an excellent swim instructor and trainer on the island. Her client base grew organically with mostly word of mouth recommendation. Her experience of teaching and training now is vast and varied. Ruth loves teaching and coaching, it is her vocation, and she takes great pleasure in seeing enjoyment and progress and in perfecting techniques. She teaches with kindness and patience and an intuitive sensitivity to the needs of whoever she is working with it, be it a little one in the water for the first time or an Ironman triathlete. She is a fully qualified and insured UK Amateur Swimming Association swim instructor with a back ground in UK RLSS Lifesaving, her first aid credentials are always current.

A competitive swimmer since childhood, Ruth trained with the Ibiza Masters swim team for a few seasons 2007-2011, has held Balearic records for 50 breaststroke, 400 IM and still holds the 200 breaststroke record. In the 2011 Masters Campeonato de España she received gold for 200 breaststroke and bronze for 400 IM, only just missing medals in the 50 and 100 breaststroke. Overall she has ranked in the top ten in Spanish Masters in her age category. She has also competed in open water events of 2km, 3km, 4km and 7km in Ibiza and has been on the podium for most of them. A coach as well as an athlete, for two seasons (2009-2011) she coached the Ibiza Masters swim team and San Antonio’s children’s swim team Club Natacio Portus.

Ruth also has a strong fitness education and experience – she is a UK REPs Level 3 qualified Advanced Fitness Instructor with a CYQ Level 3 certificate in Nutrition and Weight Management she has worked with The Healthy Holiday Company, has been privileged to be part of In:Spa ‘s team of prestigious trainers, although her work as a fitness trainer has taken a back seat over the last years. More recently she has been drawn to teach the yoga and meditation that she practices. In 2019 she completed a 100 hour teacher training in Yin Yoga – a practice she has had for many years – and in 2020 she completed a 50 hour teaching training in Children’s Yoga and Creativity.

Since 2011 Ruth spent winters travelling and surfing and has spent time in Morocco, Portugal, Tenerife, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Bali and more recently Mexico returning to Ibiza for the summer. In 2020 Dahab, Egypt became her winter home and her focus switched from surfing to coaching, training and competing in freediving. Her first freedive competition was in October 2020, and in September 2021 Ruth was on the British Team at the AIDA Freediving World Championships.  Now, when she’s not in Ibiza, her focus is as a professional freedive athlete.  In May 2023 she broke one of the longest standing records in freediving history – the UK national record in Free Immersion which had stood for 15 years – with a dive to 82 meters.  She is the second deepest British woman ever and she’s nowhere near her limits yet. You can follow her athlete and teaching/coaching profile on instagram @ruthosbornfreediver.