Aqua Fit

Ibiza Swim’s aqua fit sessions are a great way to keep a cool exercise regime in the hot summer months.

There are many benefits of a water based work out. There is less risk of injury than working out on land as water naturally provides support, removing any stress on joints and making aqua fit ideal for anyone with restricted mobility or recovering from an injury.

We work the whole body in our aqua fit sessions, strengthening your muscles, including working the core, while improving your cardiovascular fitness .

If you’re looking to diversify your training aqua fit is an excellent cross training option. You might just be surprised at how hard you can work out in the water – aqua fit classes are not just for seniors!

All sessions are tailored to your individual needs and fitness goals.

Ruth takes the aquafit class at the Santhosh health and fitness retreats in Ibiza. All of our clients, without exception, so enjoyed her class that we look forward to Ruth’s class at our next retreat. Ruth has all the qualities that make an excellent teacher – enthusiasm, knowledge and patience – you really feel you are in safe hands and you’re encouraged to do your best. My clients are used to top level trainers – many train in some of the best gyms/fitness centres in London and other cities around the world – and Ruth’s fun and energetic class scored very highly amongst them. Suffice to say, we’ll be doing more aquafit at our retreats this year! We cannot recommend her highly enough. A definite must!

Samiya Noordeen, 2014-2015