Turn the swim section of your triathlon around with expert triathlon specific swim training and tuition.

Ruth has a proven track record working with triathletes of all levels, improving swim technique resulting in substantially reduced swim times (and reduced pain/anxiety/stress about the swim section of the tri).

She works in the water with you, analysing your stroke from all angles, using relevant drills to correct and perfect.  Her goals are to get you swimming faster with improved efficiency, ease and a beautiful stroke.

Sessions can be done in your pool and/or in open water (with or without wetsuits).

Continuing online coaching is also available.

I was struggling to improve my speed and always felt exhausted getting out of the pool. Fortunately I found Ruth and really can’t thank her enough for the help she gave me. Ruth was so friendly and accommodating, fitting training sessions around a family holiday is never easy but Ruth made it a breeze, working to the times that worked best for us. She took the time to get to know what it was that I wanted to achieve and took me through drills to improve my position in the water, stroke efficiency and speed as well as helping me to become comfortable with open water swimming and sighting. Overall, in just a few weeks Ruth helped me take minutes off my 1,500m time, reduced my stroke rate by over 30% and to become confident in swimming in open water. Most importantly though her friendly nature and supportive coaching style made it a real pleasure. I’ll be looking forward to working with Ruth again.

Robert Surridge, 2014

Just wanted to let you know that I finished the 750m swim for my triathlon in just under 15 minutes, that’s 3 minutes quicker than my previous best time!

Philip O´Reilly - 2013