Children’s Swimming Lessons

Children’s swimming lessons with Ibiza Swim are fun!  How we experience the water and learn to swim as a child affects our life long relationship with the water – we want that experience to be the best possible and for your children to grow up loving the water and being safe in and around it.

Swimming lessons with Ibiza Swim are all about enjoying the experience of being in the water, we develop swim skills through play and teach from the beginning, and throughout lessons, about water safety.  The beauty of private lessons is that we can tailor our teaching to suit your child’s individual learning needs, working at their pace and in their zones of comfort – encouraging and supporting those who are shy of the water and quickly teaching water safety to those who show no fear.

We love teaching and this shines through making our swimming lessons for kids innovative, engaging and getting results – we want children to look forward to their swimming lessons with us, to love the water and be safe in it.

If this is your child’s first time to lessons we work first on water safety – at the wall and floating on their backs – so that they can get themselves to safety should they accidentally fall in.  We work so that they are calm in and under the water – without googles at first so they are not scared to get water in their eyes – and on basic swim skills.  If the children can already swim we will work on developing their stroke techniques, confidence, stamina and other aquatic abilities in the water.  For older children who can swim as well as working on perfecting techniques we can also teach more fun aquatic skills such as diving and turns and introduce life-saving, snorkelling or waterpolo to keep them engaged and enjoying the water in different ways.  If your child is a competitive swimmer we can also provide training for them while they are here on holiday.

If you’re here on holiday and your child already attends swimming lessons please do let us know what they are working on so we can continue to compliment their learning.

Please note that a parent or guardian must be present for children’s swimming lessons.

Our kids swim with Ruth every time we stay in Ibiza. They adore her, ask for her and we all look forward to it. Ruth got our daughter, who was very anxious about water, to ease in gently and now she loves to swim. She has really positive associations thanks to Ruth. From when we send our first booking email to the end of the last lesson each holiday we find Ruth extremely responsive, accommodating, helpful and fun.

Clea Relly, 2013 - 2015

Both my children are confident swimmers due to Ruth’s gentle and patient teaching methods. They were both quite scared to begin with but she helped them to feel comfortable in the water and more importantly under the water; they started swimming when they felt ready to let go of her! Now I have two little fishes!

Charlotte Lewin - 2009-2015