Baby Swimming Lessons

Trust Ibiza Swim to create a supportive, engaging and enjoyable experience for you and your baby in the water. We’ll be in the water with you, showing you how to give your baby the best possible introduction to the water, providing a foundation for developing a lifelong love of the water.

To participate in parent and baby swim classes is one of the most amazing journeys that any parent can take with their baby. To bring baby to water is very natural and familiar as baby has been suspended in fluid for their first nine months so the water provides an environment of familiarity and freedom.

Classes emphasise the multi-sensory experience of the water, positive emotions and pleasurable sensations while promoting safe practices. For babies under 6 months this is done through activities like active floating; innovative use of buoyancy supports; swimming with babies using front and back rides and relaxed holds to give a sense of security and freedom until they are ready to let go.

We use a featherlight touch to gently support baby in the water but also allowing freedom. As they grow in confidence the support needed becomes less and less. As parents you will learn more to trust your own instincts, you know your baby best, we are there to facilitate that learning and development.

Safety is a key aspect of classes from the start. The water is always approached calmly, quietly and safely. Babies are also taught and encouraged to be comfortable floating on their backs – an essential lifesaving skill.

As well as learning to love the water, and be safe in it, our baby swim classes provide a lovely and unique bonding experience for you and your baby.

All methods are gentle and holistic, we do not do involuntary submersions.

Classes can be done in a group or one to one, with both or one parent.