Open Water Swimming

Ibiza has so many stunning and interesting open water swims to do. It is such a great way to explore the beaches and coast line of Ibiza, to see the island from a different perspective, and it’s really spectacular to start the day with a sunrise swim, or end one with a sunset swim.

We offer private open water swim training and private accompanied open water swims in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea.  Whether you are new to the joys of open water swimming, would like to improve your confidence and experience in open water (it’s very different to swimming in a pool) or are looking to train it would be a pleasure to share our favourite swims with you.

The Med provides a pretty safe open water swim environment.  Things we have to be aware of are the few places there are strong currents (we avoid them), sometimes jellyfish (if the situation is really bad we will either re-schedule or partial-refund the swim) and, sadly, boating traffic (be warned we’ll make you wear a bright coloured swim hat and take a swim buoy for visibility!!).  We plan all our open water swims with safety considerations as top priority.