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Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga classes with Tessa Fisher are open to everyone, and everyone can benefit from them.

Aqua Yoga adapts classic yoga postures to the aquatic environment, combining water fitness, wellbeing and relaxation while maintaining the focus on the breath.

The water provides a supportive and soothing medium and a pleasant alternative to land based yoga.  In the water you have the freedom to move, not grounded to the floor with gravity.  In this environment sometimes movements that may be difficult in land based yoga will be easier in the water.

Your experience of yoga or of swimming does not matter, we use supports and aids in the water so whether you´re water confident or not, your confidence will grow.

Aqua Yoga can be particularly beneficial for anyone with joint problems, pre and post-natal women, recovering from an injury or surgery, those with high blood pressure and anyone with restricted movement on land.

In general aqua yoga classes contain an aerobic section, a fluid movement section and a relaxation, always working with your own body, listening to it and being in tune with you. For more intensive workouts inversions and deep water work really challenge the body and tone muscle. Aqua yoga classes are tailored to suit you, your abilities and objectives.

For pre-natal, pregnant and post-natal women the benefits of aqua yoga are phenomenal. Through our sessions we raise awareness of what is happening to the body before, during and after pregnancy.  Movement in water is easier than on land, the water is soft and flows and you learn to flow with it.  We learn to trust our instincts and get to know our selves better.

In our pre-natal classes we do a lot of work on breathing, learning how to extend the breath, to breathe through the pain barrier and to use energies wisely during birthing.  In our classes we also learn to relax and let go, the body is perfectly designed to give birth. For women in the later stages for pregnancy the relief found in the water is a gift.

Post-pregnancy aqua yoga provides many benefits, especially for mums keen to regain their pre-pregnancy physique as the water affords a kind environment for toning and re-shaping your post-natal body as well as relaxation.

We offer individual sessions; couples yoga and group classes.  Individual sessions are tailored to suit your specific individual needs and concerns.  Couples aqua yoga provides a special experience for you and your partner to share, baby is also welcome.   In group classes you have the added benefit of bonding with other mums or mums to be, an opportunity to share pregnancy experiences and concerns.