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Synchronised Swimming

Synchronised swimming is a fun and very physically challenging sport requiring strength, flexibility and co-ordination as well as grace and elegance in the water.  Ibiza Swim offers synchronised swimming as a group activity for parties and play dates and well as lessons for individuals who wish to learn or improve the beautiful skill of water ballet.

Our group synchro sessions are the perfect activity for play dates and parties – our sessions are usually between two to three hours (depending the age of the children).  The first part is focused on teaching and practicing some of the fundamentals of synchro – treading water and sculling – and basic movements like oyster, boost and waterwheel.  The second part of the session puts the movements together in a simple routine to music and the routine is practiced over and over.  Then, in preparation for the finale, glitter and water make up will be applied and hair done – the session will end with a performance.

For private lessons we can teach or improve your synchronised swim skills and your aquatic fitness levels.  It can also help to improve your water confidence while learning beautiful movements and skills.

Our synchro sessions are a really fun and lovely way for children and adults to engage with the water in a different and active way and to learn some new skills.

No prior knowledge or practice of synchro is needed but everyone must be able to swim!