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Swimming for Surfers

Swimming in open water is a totally different experience to swimming in a swimming pool.  If your experience of swimming in the ocean or sea is limited and especially if you are new to surfing then your whole surf experience will benefit from swimming in open water, not to mention your safety.

If you are not a strong enough swimmer or you are prone to panic in open water the prospect of a swim in to shore if your board or leash breaks can be pretty daunting and physically challenging to downright dangerous.  You have a responsibility to both yourself and the surfers around you to make sure you are strong enough swimmer to swim to shore in whatever conditions you’re surfing and also to be calm and confident swimming in open water.  Do to this you need to have both the technical skills as a swimmer for this and also an ease in open water that only comes from swimming in it!!

Get in touch for more information or to book some open water swim sessions with us in Ibiza in the summer or worldwide wherever we are surfing in the winter months.