Snorkelling is one of the most beautiful ways we can enjoy the aquatic environment and the pool provides a perfect and safe learning environment for it, preparing you for snorkelling in the sea.

During our snorkel sessions in the pool we teach:

  • how to defog the mask and put it on correctly
  • how to put on and use the fins
  • how to clear the water from the snorkel and carry on snorkelling
  • the different underwater hand signals
  • equalising pressure in the ears while underwater
  • snorkelling with a buddy and being safe in open water

We then build confidence and snorkelling skills through fun underwater activities like diving for sinkers and relay races.

Our snorkel sessions are open to children and adults who can swim.

Snorkelling can help improve overall water confidence and enjoyment of the water, it can be especially beneficial for those who can swim but are nervous to go under the water.

For reasons of hygiene and for best fit of equipment we ask that you provide all your own snorkel equipment.  If you are on holiday and not bringing it with you you can purchase from Decathlon.